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FIFA 20  game review by Softkeycart.com | buy sell games and software

FIFA 20 game review by Softkeycart.com | buy sell games and software

FIFA 20 an successor of the game FIFA 19 which was released on 24/09/2019 which was developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania, as though EA Sports release an FIFA game once an year the developers work on improving graphics and game quality is very remarkable every year the graphics are updated to modern level by adding realistic grass, stadium, characters, etc. This game was released on multiplatform on devices like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, The requirements to run this game on PC is
Windows(7/8/10) 64bit, 8 GB RAM, Intel i3-2100 Processor and an nvidia gtx 460 graphics card which is like most mid-end and High-end PC ‘s / Gaming Rig.

This game is rated 7.8/10 (by ign.com), 4/5 (by gamesrader.com) and 8/10 (by gamespot.com) which are some of the best game reviewing companies and the game by itself is worthy by standard with its high standards and its visuals and gameplay has been changed in FIFA 20 and players will immediately feel the difference as soon as they hit the field. Player movement has extremely changed and it allows more control while dribbling the ball or trying to skill past the opposition. Beside the movement, there is
the introduction of a new defending mechanic that is less reliant on Artificial Intelligence support. It’s greeted in addition, especially as it makes this area more challenging for players and doesn’t allow them to be mechanically bailed out by Artificial Intelligence for their mistakes.
FIFA 20 does not leave left on storyline so they have implemented a story called “VOLTA Football” which is a successor of the previous FIFA titles. There are three main characters in this story (Jayzinho, Revvy, Syd) the story line continues to occur as different parts venues in different cities as though this storyline is short(6 hours) compared to other story based games FIFA 20 is managed to keep its speciality In simulation rather than getting into story mode genre.

This game has sold more than 10 million copies in total within an year of release. There are different types of game modes implemented in this game in addition with previous titles like FIFA Ultimate Team, Career mode, UEFA Champions League, VOLTA Football, Kick Off, Tournaments, Pro Clubs, Skill Games, Practice Arena, Online Seasons, Co-op Seasons, Online Friendlies.

The main problem from FIFA 19 was the way AI-controlled defenders play in the pitch. That is not a problem anymore with FIFA 20 as the defenders will currently ensure you pay for the missteps you make on the pitch. In the event that you make bad passes, the defenders from the opponents group may change over your miss step to a counter attack. Also, on the off chance that you don't focus on great through balls or throws; the protectors will rapidly close your attacker on the pitch. The way that
safeguards are presently really savvy instead of fakers on the pitch, makes scoring a goal considerably more fulfilling.

In the latest patches of FIFA 20 the physics of the ball replicated a football’s real life movement with bounces, spins and aerial trajectories. This also gives us the ability to create unique mechanics for different ball types Penalty Kicks have also been enriched, using the same Aim and Power as Free Kicks.
In the end FIFA 20 is not only a sportive and highly competitive game it is also fun and also a great game to spend time with family and friends, the addition of VOLTA football and other game modes has made the game even more fun and enjoyable. By far this is the best game in the FIFA franchise, and we hope the upcoming games in the FIFA franchise will be Better and best than any other soccer sport
game . The expectations of the fans of the next FIFA game will be endless as we all know every year FIFA franchise will hit with a bang on the gaming industry every year still we wait with the same expectation and hype every year.

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