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Game Review : Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Game Review : Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Counter Strike Global Offensive or popularly known as CSGO is a 5v5 FPS shooter game. It is developed by Valve Corporation. Hidden Path Entertainment and it is released on  21 August 2012. This is one of the games in the Sequel of Counter Strike with some other games like Counter Strike Source, Counter Strike 1.6, etc . . .

At the time of the release CSGO was not intentionally made for its graphics. Recent era of graphics this game’s graphics has been improved. Not only graphics but also improved the game mechanics greatly.

As CSGO’s graphics is not very good, it is playable on low end pc’s. The minimum system requirement to play this game is Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6600, The AMD Radeon HD 6450, 4 GB RAM and it is playable on Classic Mac OS, PlayStation 3, Linux, Xbox 360 machines too.

Clearly the biggest improvement from the before versions and now is Graphics improvement. Yes the graphics of the previous versions was a lot more cartoony and flat. It does not have the best graphics around in the market but the graphics is greatly improved.

CSGO is rated as 9/10 (on steam.com) and 8.5/10 (on gamespot.com). CSGO was not free to play at the release, it was made free after few years but when it was purchase able, it was one of the top selling games. When it is free to play this is one of the top selling game in the free game category. It is one of the most played game on daily basis and it is one of the top games to be ever played on steam too.

As said before this game is made for competitive scenarios, “WESG 2016 (CS:GO)”. In this event CSGO had its highest prize pool of $1,500,000.00 in the competitive scenario which was bagged by the team “EnVyUs”. They took home the total prize of 800,000$ and even this game has frequent competitive matches the and there.

It has its own Battle royale game too. But it was talked greatly at first. By the time being its battle royale game “Danger Zone” is played less day by day. But its Competitive, Casual and Deathmatches are popularly played every day to compensate for Danger Zone. This game’s Global Elite title in the competitive game mode is one of the hardest to reach and it was one of the popular titles back then.

The guns, character, gloves have different types of skin. It has different types of knives. There are different types of skins for knives too. The specific skin “Dragon Lore” for the gun AWP is one of the rarest and costliest skin in the game. It is too hard to obtain from crates and it is about 1000$ or more according to the condition of the skin to buy it from the market.

Yes it is a quite old game but it is hard for a new player to go professional on the first day but with some practice and time. We can bet that this is one of fun games to play with friends or one of the serious game to play with the teammates. Either way it is one of the best game to try, So try it out.