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Game review: Minecraft, the name of an addictive game

Game review: Minecraft, the name of an addictive game

If you’re awar of anyway even a little about gaming you might have heard the name ‘ Minecraft ‘  the game which is loved by everyone regardless of age was developed by Markus Persson and Mojang Studios . ‘ Cave Game ‘  is the name its developer  Markus Persson gave this game when it was in development. Later on 17/05/2009 when the game was released, it was released as Minecraft.

This game which has pixelated graphics and the world is made up of blocks of different material such as grass, sand, coal and even diamonds as this game is released a decade ago for older computers and for its blocky game this game can run on barely any computer even on some of the credit card sized computers called raspberry pi and it even became a meme     ‘Can it run Minecraft?’. Although the given system requirements for this game is Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000 and 1 GB of free space.

And about this game this is a massively large open world game the size of the map is in simple words INFINITE or Approximately 510.9 trillion blocks, This game has many modes such as Survival, Creative, Adventure and Hardcore modes.

In survival mode we need to hunt, build houses to stay away from creepers and other animals    etc . . . , In Creative mode, this is the mode to bring out our imaginations and build the structures as all of the materials in this mode are unlimited to use, Adventure mode is lot likely same as survival mode but in this we cannot break everything and some of the features are limited than survival mode, Hardcore mode which is in this. A player has only one life to survive if the player dies we cannot respawn and all of the animals are highly aggressive.

Minecraft then releases for mobile devices one the late 2011 as ‘ Minecraft Pocket Edition ‘. Then in the year of 2014 the game Minecraft and Mojang Studios was bought by Microsoft for around 2.5 billion USD. Now, at present Minecraft is the most downloaded game in the world as it sold more than 200 million copies and it has around 130 million active users.

Last year at 17 may Minecraft celebrated its 10 anniversary for surpassing a decade of successful game, The game not only made record on sales it is also the top viewed and top streamed game on the game streaming platform ‘ Twitch ‘ which has more than 30 million followers for this game.

This game is not only playable alone Minecraft allows you to create your own server or play on other free to play servers which we can Socialize with other join together with friends to join to create some islands houses survive and what not.

Later in the year 2015 Minecraft even released its story based game ‘Minecraft Story Mode ’,   Which is available in Apple TV, Xbox One, Android, Nintendo Switch, etc . . .