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Game Review: The best in battle royale - Softkeycart

Game Review: The best in battle royale - Softkeycart

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or mostly known as PUBG released on 23 March 2017. It is one of the first and best battle royale games to be ever released. The concept is simple, 100 players will be landing on an island and the guns and loot will be spawned randomly and players will fight to win the last one standing will get the title “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

It is developed by PUBG Corporation, KRAFTON, published by PUBG Corporation, KRAFTON, Lightspeed & Quantum, Kakao Games, Xbox Game Studio and it is rated as 9.5/10 (on ign.com) and 86% (on metacritic). The minimum specifications to play PUBG is Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300 processor, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB graphics card. It is also playable on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

PUBG is best known for its graphics and the gameplay performance even though it is not fully optimised, it is one kind of game where the low end PC’s can never think of playing in it. By far this is one of the battle royale games you must first try if you’re new to the battle royale scenario.

The biggest rivalry of PUBG is Fortnite. Even though Fornite has some cartoony graphics and difficult mechanics, people still play it. Some prefer PUBG some Prefer Fortnite each of them is good at their own speciality and uniqueness. 

The game modes PUBG offers are solo (TPP/FPP), duo (TPP/FPP), squads (TPP/FPP), training ground and custom game, one man squad etc . These different types of game modes will majorly play on competitive scenario. The highest prize pool received for the competitive match is 13.18 million U.S Dollars. By this we can see that this it is not only good at fun and interactive gameplay but also great in the competitive scenarios.

There are different play styles to play such as the player Camp, Hide in a bush, hold an area and rush everyone you see and what not. By playing as a squad you not only require game sense but also requires more co-ordination and co-operation to get frags or win the game.

After the 7.2 update PUBG added bots to the game, It is controlled by complex AI engine to make it as realistic as possible, Yes we know how AI bot play it is not comparable to the real players, still it's great for PUBG to add bots way ahead of its competitors. These bots can be spotted all around the map. It will fill the players for an unfilled lobby, It will be spawned according to the zone and the player locations with some decent loots.

It is a massive game, so it is difficult for the developers to maintain the game bug less.    Even though it is not perfect, the developers try hard to fix the bugs update by update by patching the bugs and balancing the weapons, vehicles, etc. If you wish to play PUBG it is available on steam for 999 Rs in India. It is one of the must try games in the market right now so check it out.