Telemarketing Executive (worldwide) 

# Taking 100 plus telemarketers
# You get 25% lifetime sales commission (as long as you work with us , & every-time your client purchases from us)
# Your clients gets 25% cashback if they purchase on your reference. (first and one time only)
# Clients you convinced is directly handled by you , we never directly communicate your clients.
# You become your clients personal sales executive and we give after-sales support via you
# We must bring at least 1 new client on your reference within each 90 days, or your client database will be erased so you do not get any commission from your past clients anymore. 
# This job is only and only commission based, there is no base salary.

Qualification : 
# You must be fluent in English
# English medium education background is preferred but not mandatory
# Marketing Educational Background