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I‘m interested in establishing a business partnership with your company. How can I contact you?

What is SOFTKEYCART Marketplace?

What can I do when the merchant does not resolve my issue?

Where can I see my tickets?

I have received a different game, what should I do?

I found a mistake on your website. Can I report it?

How long can a case be handled by the merchant or SOFTKEYCART Customer Service?

I can’t find the answer to my query. Can you help me?

I don‘t want the game anymore. Can I return it?

What if the customer/merchant does not reply to tickets?

I have encountered a ‘key already used’ error message, what should I do?

Can I return unused keys and receive a refund?

Is VAT included in the price? How is it handled?

Where can I find an invoice or a confirmation of my purchase?

How fast will I get a confirmation that the payment has been approved?

What methods of payment are available?

My order failed or was cancelled. What does it mean?

When will I receive the money following a refund?

Can I edit my offers after listing them?

The Seller features of my account are unavailable. How can I rectify that?

One of the offers I listed was banned. What can I do?

Can I sell pre-orders at SOFTKEYCART Marketplace?

I have put my offer on sale, but it was disabled.

Merchant Recommendation System

The customer who bought my product received a refund but I was still charged a fee. Why?

I have created my offer and listed it for sale. Where should I look for it?

Payout Policy

How long do I need to wait after a successful sale before my funds become available?

Do I receive the full price of the product sold?

I fulfill all of the requirements for selling games & products. How can I start selling?

Refund Policy

Can I sell a BETA key for a game?

I‘m not sure where to activate the key.

What does it mean that the game is EU, US, EMEA, etc.?

The prices are very competitive. Are those offers and products legitimate?

Do I have to register on SOFTKEYCART to purchase keys?

Is it possible to use this key and play this game in my country?

I haven’t received the email confirmation for my order. What happened?

I have not received all of the ordered keys yet. Why?

Where can I find the key I bought?

When I try to activate the code I receive a message that the code is invalid.

I bought a product. When will I receive it?

I would like to get a refund for my order, what can be done?

My order is on hold, what should I do?