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Autodesk Revit


Autodesk Revit is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software that enables architects, engineers, construction experts and designers to visualize their conceptual ideas into creatively designed 3D models. This ability to create a design of the imagined construction outcome in a manner that makes it close to appearing how it would be in reality after construction makes it a software of prime importance for all engineers and experts of the construction field. The software has various features that make it a blessing for all the creative minds that seek to make their ideas visible to others and themselves in terms of a 3D representation so that it becomes closer to reality and easier for everyone to perceive.

3D models with precision and accuracy can be prepared with the help of this software and as the model develops it automatically updates the elevations, floor plans and sections. Also, there is automation of repetitive tasks, so it saves time and you get more time to deal with higher value work at hand. Autodesk Revit is a highly efficient software having a model-based approach for planning, designing, constructing and managing buildings and infrastructures. Multidiscipline design collaboration ensures better integration between various components of the project and leads to smoother translation of the ideas in mind in terms of a 3D model.

The key features of Autodesk Revit are as follows:

·         Generative Design: Provides alternative designs to choose from on the basis of the requirements and limitations defined by you.

·         Parametric components: A graphical system for form-making and designing

·         Work-sharing: People from various disciplines can share their individual work to a centrally shared file making it easier to collaborate and results in better team work.

·         Schedules: the information that is extracted from the properties of the elements in any given project can be displayed in a tabular form.

·         Interoperability and IFC: The software exports, imports and integrates your data with formats that are commonly used and IFC4 is also included in this range.

·         Add-ins: There are various add-ins that enhance the software’s functionality, and this functionality can also be extended with API access, third-party solutions and a library full of content available on the Autodesk App Store.

·         Annotation: Present designs more comprehensively with better impact through WYSIWYG editing and features that allows you to decide the appearance of text.

·         Dynamo for Revit: BIM workflows can be optimized and expanded with an open source graphical programming interface that comes along with Revit.

·         Global Parameters: Projectwide parameters that work with redial and diameter dimensions and equality constraints can be embedded with design intent.

The pricing schedule available is as follows:

Ø  $6870 paid every 3 years

Ø  $2545 paid annually

Ø  $320 paid monthly

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The latest release of Autodesk Revit software focuses on the improvement of interoperability, efficiency enhancement for document production and many performance upgrades to BIM workflows including the following:

·         duplicate sheets to speed up documentation.

·         snapping to the middle of two points to measure accurately;

·         easier to use Dynamo;

·         generative design;

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